Why I Love Down Syndrome

This may sound odd to some, but I love that my daughter has the extra chromsome! Simply put…I love Down Syndrome! I know we are still at the beginning of this new experience and there will be many challenges in the future, but as of today, life is fabulous! Here are a handful of reasons that I love seeing the little extra in our daughter:

  • Her smile is so infectious! She loves to bounce up and down, and when she does, her smile is larger than life.
  • Her almond eyes are so incredibly beautiful! I love how they sparkle and have such an exotic look to them.
  • Her love for life, even as a baby, radiates and spreads to everyone she meets.
  • She defied all odds against her, and continues to amaze us everyday.
  • She adds so much joy to our family! Everyday is a miracle, and we’re so blessed to have her in our family!


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