Meet Miracle

"No more pieces, I'm not broken, I've been healed, its been spoken!"

Clinging to her mom’s right side, Miracle Mullen defeated some odds while still in her mother’s womb. The 20 week fetus was supposedly gone as her mom hemorrhaged for what seemed like forever. But she made it. Snatched from her mom’s arms at birth, doctor’s had to help her breathe. Soon thereafter, she was diagnosed with being Down syndrome. As she lie there in the hospital for 16 days, her parents were told that she would be slow; she wouldn’t do a lot of things “normal” people wouldn’t do. Her family was devastated.

After taking her home, her family trusted God, and did not settle in defeat. Miracle thrived; shocking her speech, physical, and occupational therapists every time they visited. Hospitalized multiple times for bronchitis, flu, and pneumonia, Miracle conquered each time as she would sing, “No more pieces, I’m not broken, I’ve been healed, its been spoken!” Miracle continued to surprise everyone as she went to the Bell Center and to Hand-In-Hand, both places that have early and often intervention for special needs children. She mastered them. Miracle then went to what she called, “Big School.” She was doing exceptionally well; then in 1st grade, at 6 Years old, she experienced what one may call just greatest hurdle. In October of 2015, Miracle had a stroke. Her family was told that she had Moya Moya disease and would need brain surgery very soon. The very next year, Miracle underwent 2 brain surgeries on her left and right sides. With hair missing on both sides, Miracle asked if she was still pretty. Once she found out that she still was, she was back up and at it.

Now 9 years old, Miracle loves to sing, dance, and show people that she can read an entire book! Although she’s the youngest of 5, you’d think she was the oldest. She’s overcome so many obstacles and continues to do so daily. If you’re looking for Miracle, you can find her somewhere praying for someone else’s healing. If you want to hear more of her story, check out, “The Miracles of God”, “Life With Down Syndrome”, by Rosie Mullen. It can be found on Amazon.

Gregory and Rosie Mullen

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