Meet Luqman

For me he is a great child, he has strong spirits, is able to remember something very fast, and has high self confidence

My son Muhamad Luqman Nazim bin Muhamad Fadzli born in Penang Malaysia on March 18, 2004 as Down Syndrome and now he is 14 years old. He knows alphabets, digits, Al-Quran fonts at age 3 and started reading at age 6. He could read Al-Quran and once represented a school in the Quran Recitation competition when he was 12 years old. As Muslim, he knows how to pray, he knows how to read the Quran.

On September 4, 2018, he was given the opportunity to enter the poetry competition organized by the school of Independence Day. Alhamdulillah the first time given the opportunity, within 5 days to memorize, he won a poem reading. Luqman has a strong memory, he easily remembered the name of the person including the father’s name.

Luqman likes to sing so when we are attending the annual gathering Down Syndrome of Malaysia, FB Support Group “Bunga-Bunga Syurga” (BBS), he will perform singing without looking at the lyrics, how great he is.

For me he is a great child, he got strong spirits, able to remember something very fast and has high self confidence compared to a normal person. We always respecting and celebrating his abilities.

I hope more space and opportunity for Trisomy 21 students to get involved in school competition events. Down Syndrome can do it!!!

Farah Nazim

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