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Bella is our sunshine on a rainy day, she was the little girl I never thought I’d have.

Down syndrome to me is learning a whole new different world exists. – when I say this I mean if I hadn’t have had Bella I wouldn’t have known about all the support that is offered, I wouldn’t have found all the amazing people who also have children with Down syndrome, built friendships and support groups with people.

We are lucky Bella has had minimal health issues. She is a little girl who yes, develops at a slower rate than other children her age but other than that she is just like any other 20 month old – she has temper tantrums, she tries to crawl away when I’m brushing her hair – she gets hangry!

Bella also loves snuggles, loves singing, and loves to be tickled.

Down syndrome may be the reason Bella develops slightly slower than others, it may be the reason she has a weaker immune system and gets poorly often, but it definitely doesn’t define her. It’s just a diagnosis…..

Bella is perfect in every way possible and I mean it when I say I wouldn’t change a thing – especially the Down syndrome – because without it she wouldn’t be my Bella 💖

Jessica Gould

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